Thursday, 30 August 2012

DIY: studded converse!

So last week I rediscovered my converse as I never wear them and Ive had them over a year so instead of giving them away i decided to jazz them up a little! It was £2 for 200 studs.. BARGAIN! I thought it might take 100 studs for each shoe but it turns out i have around 30 left, so enough to stud a jacket or anything else i can find. Studs are already quite 'big' but there going to explode over the coming months and i figured who else has studded converse? This was really easy to do (for someone who cannot do anything!) and there was no mess just converse, studs and scissors to bend the stud prongs over. However it took me nearly 2 hours for one shoe.. although i was majorly distracted by Alex Pettyfer..

Have you ever DIY'd anything?

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