Thursday, 30 August 2012

DIY: studded converse!

So last week I rediscovered my converse as I never wear them and Ive had them over a year so instead of giving them away i decided to jazz them up a little! It was £2 for 200 studs.. BARGAIN! I thought it might take 100 studs for each shoe but it turns out i have around 30 left, so enough to stud a jacket or anything else i can find. Studs are already quite 'big' but there going to explode over the coming months and i figured who else has studded converse? This was really easy to do (for someone who cannot do anything!) and there was no mess just converse, studs and scissors to bend the stud prongs over. However it took me nearly 2 hours for one shoe.. although i was majorly distracted by Alex Pettyfer..

Have you ever DIY'd anything?

Sunday, 19 August 2012

28 blushes for £5?!

A couple of weeks ago I ordered this palette of 28 blushes of Ebay from around £5.50 after I saw the numerous bloggers and you-tubers buying the palette with just 5 blushes in from around the same price. I thought this was such an amazing deal so I didnt hesitate and snapped it up! None of the blushes are exactly the same which makes it that 10x more great, some are shimmer and some are matte. The colours range from sheer pinks and peaches to burning hot pinks and reds. I've done just a couple of swatches for you to get the idea, if you dont have this palette.. what are you waiting for? Snatch yourselves one up now!

Monday, 13 August 2012

Feeling juicy!

Its safe to say everyone in the blogging community knows about this perfume, half of us have it and the other half are lusting after it! I got this for my birthday back in April and im so sad to say im so disappointed. (Argh broke the negative review cherry) I adore the bottle and the packaging it came with and I even love the scent! The problem is it doesn't last any longer than 2 minutes on my skin, literally. I don't know if its just a bad one or they're all like this but never the less ill keep on trying it and trying to make it work as the scent is so good not to!

Viva la Juicy

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Snippet of Nakedness!

I'm pretty sure your all familiar with the insanely popular eye shadow pallets by Urban Decay so I thought to ease my way into the blogging scene i'd start with a product that everyone loves!

In case you don't know what I'm talking about, and in that case where have you been?! The Naked 2 pallete is the second pallete from the 'Naked' range. Its mainly shimmery with a few matte shades in their. The great thing about this pallete is you can create so many different looks especially as they have included key basic colours like light beige colours, browns and also a black. 

A brush is also included aswell as a mirror so its perfect if your in a rush, on the go or simply dont have a spare mirror layed around.